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Deli trays, smoked fish, baked goods, pastry assortments, and hot & cold beverages are just some of the options we offer to take the hard work of feeding the masses off of you, and leave more time for you to relax.

Order IN-STORE by calling 215-551-2387 or


Bagel & Spread Tray

$59.95 - serves 10-15

-Includes assortment of sliced bagels and Plain Spread

-Choice of up to 2 additional spreads: Plain, Dill, Scallion, Garlic & Chive, Veggie, Cheddar Horseradish, Sour Pickle, Lemon Poppy Seed, Bleu Cheese & Rosemary, Blueberry, Strawberry, Chocolate Chip, Apple Cinnamon, Honey Walnut.

-Includes Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Pickle & Cucumber

Deli Tray

$124.95 - serves 10-15

-Includes assortment of sliced bagels

-Deli Meats: Smoked Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef

-Cheese: American, Provolone, Swiss, & Cheddar

-Includes: Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, & Pickle Chips, Mayo, Mustard

**BAGEL TRAYS Can be upgraded with your choice of two Salads: Chicken, Egg, or Tuna, for an additional cost.


Fruit Bowl

$49.95 serves 10-12

Assortment of Sliced Fruit with Whipped Sweet Cream Dip

Roasted Veggie Tray

$69.95 serves 12-16

- Includes: Roasted Portobello, Artichoke, Red Peppers, Broccoli, Asparagus, Beets

- Your Choice of: Ranch Dressing, Hummus, Bleu Cheese Dressing, or Veggie Spread

Veggie Crudite Tray

$69.95 serves 12-16

-An assortment of Carrots, Celery, Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Red Bell Pepper, Broccoli

-Includes: Ranch Dip, Bleu Cheese Dip, and our Veggie Spread

Sandwich Tray

$124.95 - serves minimum of 12-16

-Your choice of up to four types of Sandwiches.  Choose from: Smoked Turkey,
House-Made Roast Beef, Chicken Pesto, Caprese, and Grilled Tofu

-Includes: Pickle Chips, Mayo, Mustard, Honey Balsamic

Smoked Fish Tray

$17.95 per person - minimum of 10

-Includes assortment of sliced bagels

-Smoked Fish: Lox, Whitefish Salad

-Smoked Sable available as add-on

-Choice of Plain or Flavored Spread

-Includes Lettuce, Tomato, Red Onion, Pickle & Cucumber

Mini-Muffin Tray

$24.95 serves 10-15

Assortment of Mini-Muffins, approximately four dozen. Flavors may include: blueberry, chocolate chip, corn, and others

Pastry Tray

$54.95 serves 8-12

Assortment of Mini Muffins, Danish, Rugelach, Babka

Cookie Tray

$44.95 serves 8-12

Assortment of Cookies such as Rugelach, Black & White, Chocolate Chip, Butter Cookies

Box o' Coffee

160oz - $34.95

- Includes Cups, Lids, Creamer, Sugars, Stirrers


Have we got the space for you!

We make bagels all day, that means we have space available in the evenings for your rental needs! Events can start as early as 5pm, and go as late as 10pm.  We have the space for small gatherings, business meetings, wedding rehearsals, family parties, or that one friend’s birthday that you always forget about.

Our room comfortably seats 35-40 people.  See our Catering Menu for Party Platter options.  Or reach out to us about Buffet options from our full-service kitchen.

BYO is Okay!
Make use of our stereo system or TV.

Room Rental:
• Mon–Fri: $500 – Food & beverage minumum: $500 – The rental fee will be waived if food & beverage choices meet $1,000 or more
• Weekends: $750 – Food & beverage minumum: $1,000 – The rental fee will be waived if food & beverage choices meet $1,500 or more

Have questions?  Not seeing what you're looking for?  Reach out to us, we want to help you make your event special, right here in your neighborhood!

Give us a shout at 215-567-3494 OR type at us in all caps at events@thebagelplace.com

Bageling Lessons For Groups & Team Building
Do you like to cook, maybe even fancy yourself skilled in the kitchen?  Do you like learning new skills, and even getting a little messy in the process?  Are you looking for a fun night out for you and some friends, or a way to bond your work Team together while having fun AND eating?!  Learn to make everyone's favorite bread!

Length of Time - 3 hours
Group Size - 12 - 18
Skill Level - Beginner
Pricing - $85 / person
Meal - Included!
BYOB! - Optional

Our Executive Baking staff will give you a crash-course in yeast dough, and how our bagel process works.  We will demonstrate for you how to hand mix and roll your own bagels.  Now it’s your turn.  Each person will be responsible for measuring, mixing, and rolling, with help and supervision from our staff.  Be prepared to get your hands dirty!

While your bagels are proofing, you get to come back into the kitchen and try your hand at baking the bagels in the commercial deck oven.

Meanwhile….it’s time to eat!  We’ll put out a spread of some of our delicious sandwiches and other snacks.  Feel free to BYO if you like, or help yourself to sodas and juice from our concession fridge!.  We can tune our stereo to your favorite station, and you can socialize, or go over some team goals for work, or just stuff your face with sandwiches.

After your bagels have proofed, we’ll boil and bake them, and display them for you so you can try and pick yours out, and judge which bagels came out the best.  The winner will get a The Bagel Place T-shirt to show off to their friends how good of a job you did!

And of course everyone gets to take their bagels home to enjoy with their friends and families!


Email  - Bageling@TheBagelPlace.com to book, or for more info.


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