Events and Specials
Events and Specials

Throughout the year The Bagel Place will partner with local artists to give them the opportunity to share and sell their work. Artists will rotate every two months throughout the space. If you are interested in exhibiting your work at The Bagel Place please contact art@thebagelplace.com
From July through September The Bagel Place will be featuring art work from Richard Johnston and Sandra Moak from the creative arts program at SpArc Services.

SpArc Services' mission is to support people with disabilities by providing programs and services that encourage inclusion, independence, and personal achievement and provide services through programs designed to fit each individual and develop personal goals and milestones for growth.

SpArc Services’ Cultural Arts Center fosters creativity, growth, and community connections for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through education and experiences in the visual and performing arts. The foundation of the program is a curriculum of classes taught by educators from the Philadelphia arts community, rounded out by opportunities for the program’s artists to participate in community outings, exhibitions, workshops, and long-term projects with like-minded artists and organizations.

Richard Johnston is an artist who works in the studio at the Cultural Arts Center. Richard's drawings combine pop culture references from comic books to horror and sci-fi movies to music, using recurring characters and symbols to concoct a personal mythology and weave fantastical narratives. His work has been included in many group and two-artist exhibitions in venues including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, Tyler School of Art, and Moore College of Art and Design.

Sandra Moak also works in the studio at the Cultural Arts Center. Her intricate, text-filled drawings relate to her daily life, her wants, and her family. Her work has been included in group exhibitions in venues throughout the Philadelphia and New York City area, including Tyler School of Art, Art in City Hall, Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens, and The Former Convent at St. Cecelia's Parish.


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