Events and Specials
Events and Specials

Throughout the year The Bagel Place will partner with local artists to give them the opportunity to share and sell their work. Artists will rotate every two months throughout the space. If you are interested in exhibiting your work at The Bagel Place please contact art@thebagelplace.com
About the Artist: Skyler Granville

Skyler is a 21-year-old painter who lives in Bensalem, Pennsylvania with his family. He recently graduated from HMS School for Children with Cerebral Palsy in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 2017. Skyler has been painting for a long time and was inspired by his art teacher at HMS School, Eiko Fan Takahira, to begin painting. Skyler paints with his feet using his toes, and recently started using a paintbrush. All paintings on display were created at HMS School. Since graduation Skyler has been creating paintings at the Center for the Creative Arts which he attends once a week. He hopes to someday set up a space in his home where he can paint. Skyler enjoys painting because it makes him feel happy. Aside from painting, Skyler also enjoys bike riding on an adapted bike, bowling, utilizing the computer to go online, playing music on the keyboard with his feet, watching movies, going on community outings, going to Dave and Busters, and having books read to him.

While Skyler's art is not currently for sale, you can support his work through a donation to the art program at HMS School by visiting hmsschool.org and making a donation through the website. When making a donation, please comment that the donation should be directed to the art program, this will ensure that future artists like Skyler will continue to have the opportunity to create for years to come.

E-mail: Skyler5930@gmail.com
Instagram: Skylergranville9501



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