Ringo Roseman opened The Bagel Place in the summer of 2017, though he’s been a bagel and a sandwich enthusiast his whole life.  With 20 years of restaurant experience and a romantic notion of what a bagel shop can be, he set out to use all of his resources, tools, and expertise to create a comfortable home for the community.

Great food using fresh ingredients, prepared in-house daily, is something that everyone can appreciate.  Excellent service and a warm and welcoming, family-friendly, inclusive-to-all, and cozy atmosphere are what you will experience at The Bagel Place.

But we feel that how a business is run is just as important as that product and experience.  We strive to be an engaged and contributing member of our community, to do our part in supporting our neighbors.

We understand that treating people with dignity and respect makes for a happier workforce and better service.  Because of this, we ‘ve offered a $15 minimum wage since our very first day.  We offer  complete Medical benefits, as well as 401k, to our full-time staff.

  We contribute to area schools, churches, and organizations.  We donate leftover bagels 6 days a week to organizations that help feed the homeless.  We  donate the use of our space to an organization teaching American Sign Language classes, and work to be inclusive of all people.

And we’re just getting warmed up.

We will be closed Wednesday the 8th for a little maintenance. We’ll be open bright and early Thursday morning. Sorry for any inconvenience, thanks for the support!

We will be closed Monday July 4th so our Staff can celebrate the holiday.  We’ll be open bright and early Tuesday morning.  Thanks so much!

-The Bagel Place